• Double Compression Cable Glands Weatherproof Type for Un-Armoured Cables
  • Double Compression Cable Glands
  • Double Compression Cable Glands

Double Compression Cable Gland Weatherproof Type for Un-Armoured Cables

Design Standard : BS 6121 : 2005 (BS EN 62444:2013)
Ingress Protection : IP 55 as per IEC 60529 : 1999
Material : Brass (Standard) / S.S. / Aluminium
Finish : Nickel Plated (Standard) OR Plain Brass / Tin / Cadmium / Chrome
Seal Material : Neoprene Rubber
Thread : Glands are supplied with B.S.C. thread (ET)
Accessories : Shrouds and Earth tags are supplied separately and should be specified
when ordering the gland.
Application : Brass outdoor cable gland suitable for all types of u n a rm ored cables.
These are Weather proof and may be used in the corrosive
condition when protected by shroud.
Double Compression Cable Glands Chart Size & Dimensions


Double Compression Cable Glands are made up of Cable Glands - so it also consists of metals such as cadmium, aluminium, sheath, and many more. In addition, it provides pressure reduction and electrical continuity for the internal electrical cables. They are drawn accurately for both Armoured and Unarmoured cables which help to generate compression for both the inner sheath and the cable's armor. They differ in size too. The Double Compression Cable Gland is protected against humidity thanks to the double sealing which makes it largely resistant.


  2. Double Compression Cable Glands are flaming-free. It has a mixture of metals which controls the flaming. An explosive combination that has been lit may be contained and controlled, and any flammable mixture that may be present outside the equipment cannot be burned by a flameproof cable gland. These glands are made up of protection strategies.

    There are two steps which are given below:

    a) The outer cable sheath is first compressed and sealed by the cable gland. The first compression forms a barrier that forbids the flow of gasses or combustible substances.

    b) Secondly, the double compression cable gland also seals and compresses each cable conductor. A safe and dependable connection is ensured by the added compression, which also reduces the possibility of electrical arcs or sparks that may otherwise cause explosive atmospheres to catch fire. Double compression cable glands help maintain the strength of the cable arrangement in dangerous situations, lowering the possibility of explosions by successfully sealing both the outer sheath and single conductors.

  3. Earthing Free-
  4. Double Compression Cable Gland in earthing applications is beneficial in several ways. It increases the earthing systems by ensuring a strong and secure connection between the cable and the earthing apparatus. The possibility of loose connections that could impair the efficacy of the earthing system is reduced because of the two-fold compression function, which works to maintain a constant and solid bond.

  5. Environment Friendly -
  6. Double Compression Cable Gland is an improved level of resistance against environmental elements like moisture, dust, and rust provided by a double compression cable gland. This guarantees the earthing installation's longevity and toughness and guards against potential harm or degradation over time.

  7. Everlasting -
  8. By limiting the entry of dust or moisture through the cable points of entry in enclosures or walls as well, a cable gland is an essential feature for preserving the protection and dependability of electronic devices.

  9. Versatile Application -
  10. Double Compression Cable Glands can be used with a variety of cable diameters and types, meeting a variety of industrial standards and enabling flexible management of cables.

  11. Longevity and Durability -
  12. Double compression Cable glands provide durability and resilience to wear and tear due to their sturdy structure and dependable compression action.

  13. Cost-effective Solution -
  14. Double compression cable glands give the combination of several advantages into a single solution, eliminating the need for further equipment or maintenance.