Quality Policy,


Quality Policy

Our focus is on following areas • Knowing the customer's needs • Effective Planning • Ensuring optimum performance • Clear procedure manual • Timely delivery • Efficient after sales service • Analysis of valuable customer feedback & effective action on them • Value for money. Stock Availability Our storage system's ensure availability of the complete range of products and it, prompt dispatch. in committed time. Test Facilities Our engineers utilize the various in - house testing facilities & external lab reports to ensure integrity and performance of every product that rolls out of our plant. Tool Room And Calibration We have facilities for making tools & dies for manufacturing of our products. Our fully trained technicians continuously monitor and check on tooling with "go & no-go gauge" tolerancing. All equipments are calibrated at regular intervals by registered bodies.

International Specification's Which Are Followed & Maintained
Our range of "Pioneer Power International" tube terminals have been designed to meet international standards. This ensures compliance with the demands of a majority of end user's like the electrical authorities, contractors, control panel designers, wholesaler of electrical goods and relevant traders.

The Pioneer Power International range of terminal lugs & connectors refers specification to International standards as follows
IS Standard :
I ) IS-191 2007 :Copper Tubular Terminal Lugs & Connectors
II) IS-5082 : 2003 (19501) Aluminium Tubular Terrninal Lugs & Connectors
III ) IS-1897 : 2008 Copper Strips Terminal Lugs
BS Standard :
I ) BS-EN-61238:1:2003/B5-4579 : Copper Tubular Terminal Lugs & Connectors
II ) BS-EN-60352,-2 (2006)
DIN Standard :
I ) DIN-46235 Copper Tubular Terminal Lugs
II) DIN-46267 (I) Copper Tubular Terminal Connectors
III ) DIN-46329 Aluminum Tubular Terminals Lugs
IV ) DIN-46267 Aluminum Tubular Terrninals Connectors
1) AS/NZS-4325 -1 : 2013:Copper Tubular Terminal Lugs & Connectors

Copper specification to 99.25% , IACS as per BS EN 1976 : 2012.

Copper finish Electro tinned to BS-1872 : 1984 (1990).

The compliance with electrical specification are in accordance with general requirements, initial / final resistance. Tensile "Pull Off" and cycling periods (If Necessary).

Our Products are Type Test approved as per International Standards like IEC, BS, DIN, etc.