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Copper Bonded Earthing Rod

Our Manufactured Copper Bonded Earthing Rod is high tensile low carbon steel by molecularly bonding 99.9% pure electrolytic copper, these earth rods confirm to BS 4360 grade 43A. Each rod is treated with Benzol triozole derivatives to prevent oxidation of copper bonding.

The threads are formed by roll threading process which ensure strength and maintain the molecularly bonded copper along the full length of the threads. The rods can be deep driven manually or by using power hammer.

Our "Copper Bonded Earth Rod" is Extensible earth rods are coupled using threaded, easy to use brass alloy couplings. Connections can be made by using bolted clamps or exothermic welding process.

copper bonded earth rod

Solid Copper Bonded Earthing Rod ( Externally Threaded)

copper bonded earth rods

Manufacturers of Copper Bonded Earthing Rod India

In order to meet the diverse requirements of the clients, Pioneer Power Manufactures an extensive array of Copper Bonded Earth Rod.

Durable performance, high strength and immaculate performance are the key driving features of the entire product range. Copper Bonded Earth Rod has high tolerance capacity and is used in varied industrial applications.

Professionals make use of advanced techniques and quality raw material in manufacturing these rods. We are specialized in offering Copper Bonded Earthing Rod to our customers.

Our presented product is extremely used in the market owing to their top. Pioneer in the industry, We are engaged in manufacturing, dealing and supplying an best quality range of Copper Bonded Earthing Rods.

Copper Bonded Earthing Rod Suppliers in India

"Copper Bonded Earthing Rods" are the perfect driven earth bar as they offer the installer a prudent and effective Copper Bonded Earth Rod establishing framework.

Unadulterated electrolyte copper is consistently molecularly fortified into a high malleable steel center with a base thickness of. hence guaranteeing fantastic erosion protection and disposing of electrolytic activity.

Coupling strings are framed by a moving procedure to guarantee string quality and to keep up the respectability of the molecularly reinforced copper.

A decent Copper Bonded Earth Rod ought to have low electrical protection from earth, great Corrosion protection, and capacity to convey high streams over and over.

Copper Bonded Earthing Rod in Competitive Price

We are a main producer and provider of an extensive variety of Copper Bonded Earthing Rod for our customers.

These items are fabricated utilizing prevalent quality crude material which is sourced from the most dependable sellers of the market.

The items offered by us are in strict understanding with the universal standards.

These Copper Bonded Earthing Rod are accessible and no more moderate rates to our customers. The items that we offer to our customers are made under the direction of our quality check specialists who guarantee that we convey just great quality items to our customers.

These items are in an enormous request over the globe and are broadly refreshing for their effectiveness, high conductivity, and low upkeep. We also the prominent dealers of all types of Earthing and Lightning Protection.

On the off chance that you had any inquiry regarding our "Copper Bonded Earth Rod" at that point don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

What is a Copper Bonded Earthing Rod and How Does it Work?

Copper Bonded Earthing Rods sets the earthing system at its best in overhead, underground electricity distribution and transmission networks. With the help of copper bonded earth systems there is a provision of ground contact in soil conditions such as high voltage towers, power distributions and channels.

They suffice you with the best quality standards with many international utilities approved by them. They have a low-carbon steel core and are constructed with 99.9% pure electrolytic copper. These rods are typically used in high salt and high resistivity soil conditions because they have greater mechanical tensile strength and corrosion resistance than solid copper or stainless-steel rods.

Now you must be thinking about copper-bonded earth rod specification, what is the copper-bonded earth rod manufacturing process or copper-bonded earth rod hs code or else copper bonded earthing rod price? So to answer these questions we have given you each and every detail that might help you to understand and make the perfect choice for your electrical appliances.

Features of Copper Bonded Earthing Rod:

The Copper Bonded Earth Rods and resistance to corrosion are improved by copper bonding. The copper and steel core are molecularly bonded for a very long time thanks to the electroplating process. It is not damaged even when the electrode is driven deeply into the harsh ground, making installation simpler.

To increase conductivity and, consequently, fault current excess, earthing electrodes are specifically created and copper bonded. Its lifetime also increases significantly as a result of the increased corrosion resistance, and it is now suitable for all types of soil.

Pioneer Powers Rods are designed to be used in all types of soils and are ideal for places like substations and factories, which require efficient fault current excess. For more information check out our website http://www.pioneerpowers.com

Benefits of Using a Copper Bonded Earthing Rod for Earthing Systems:

Now specifically talking about the benefits of Copper Earthing rods rod in comparison to that of galvanised rod. So that you can differentiate it for better usage and make the right choice.

  • Conductivity:
  • Copper Bonded Earth Rods have better conductivity power as compared to that of galvanised iron which serves the least conductivity.

  • Corrosion Resistant:
  • Galvanised Iron has a lead component present in it which invites corrosion that is not so good for corrosion resistance. While copper-bonded earth rods act as pure copper which is corrosion resistant.

  • Steel Strength:
  • On the other hand, the copper bonded rod maintains the high strength of steel even more than pure copper because it is the formation of an electrolytic process in which copper and high tensile steel construct a powerful copper bonded rod. Galvanized steel automatically triggers dezincification during the mixed components with yellow brass.

  • Installation:
  • The underground installation of GI rods is quite exhausting as it should never be used without covering which means it requires proper coverage near the rod during an installation. In case of copper bonded earth rods it has high mechanical strength that eases the installation process.

  • Cost-Effective:
  • Although the price of the copper bonded earthing rod is a bit expensive than galvanised rod, the repairing charges of galvanised rod can cost you higher in the upcoming time. So instead of buying a thing which is cheap now but can cost you later, it is better to choose the product that will be your one-time investment with no regret.

  • Lifespan:
  • As per the research conducted by the National Electrical Grounding Research Project the lifespan of copper bonded earth rod is more than 40 years while that of Galvanised rods can only reach 8-10 years maximum.

    By concluding all the characteristics you can completely understand how significant Copper Bonded Earth Rod is to Galvanised rod. It is evident from the facts which are more beneficial than the rest. Also, the copper bonded rod is destined to be the best as per many standards globally. It complies IEEE 80, UL 467, and IS 3043 standards which determines its quality and makes it unique.

Different Types of Copper Bonded Earthing Rod

Typically there are two types of Copper bonded Earthing Rods. They are as follows: Copper bonded earth rod- external threaded and Copper bonded earth rod- unthreaded & pointed. Additionally, there are also pure copper earth rods like Pure copper earth rods- external threaded and internal threaded. At pioneer powers, we also have Solid copper Bonded Earth Rod which is available at the best quality.

Comparison of Copper Bonded Earth Rods vs Galvanized Earth Rods

The choice of material for common ground rods is based on the rod's ability to resist corrosion while maintaining system longevity. In most parts of the world, the most popular materials taken into consideration for grounding systems are stainless steel, copper-bonded steel, and galvanized steel.

Because they are affordable, allowed by the NEC, and UL listed, galvanized steel rods are frequently the preferred material. Galvanized rods, on the other hand, were found to be a poor material choice in the NEGRP study mentioned above in terms of service life longevity. Also, keep in mind that selecting a material based only on its initial cost is dangerous to the safety of grounding system users and is likely to cost more in the long run.

Corrosion resistance has significantly improved with copper-bonded ground rods. According to the NEGRP, copper-bonded ground rods last 40 years on average in most soil types as opposed to 15 years for galvanized rods. In comparison to galvanized rods, this offers a higher return at a slightly higher initial cost.

Common Applications of Copper-Bonded Earthing Rods in Electrical Grounding

The most popular grounding rod right now is a copper-guaranteed ground rod, which is typically used in everyday situations like moist, alkaline, salty, or acidic soil and a few chemical corrosion conditions. Applicable to telecommunications, power plants, fossil fuel refineries, chemical plants, and these.

They can also be used by water treatment facilities, refineries, pumping stations, broadcasting stations, information centers, telecommunications management, and process automation. Facilities for petrochemicals, LNG, and atomic energy can also use them, as well as digital switches for the home and remote. Helpful for neutral grounding of transformers, manufacturing plants & refineries, and important industries.

Transformer Neutral grounding, significant industries, production facilities, and refineries. Data centers, telecom, broadcasters, hospitals, CNC machines, and method management and automation. They can also be used by telecommunication towers, power generators, lightning protection systems, and microwave antennas.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQs):-

  1. What is a copper bonded earthing rod?
  2. Copper Earthing rods Rod possesses a high carbon steel core that is suitable for deep driving. Nickel layer and copper coating is electroplated on the steel core for preventing corrosion.

  3. Which rod is best for earthing?
  4. Copper Earthing rods are the best choice for any earthing purposes as it is looked up upon earth electrode material as well as underground conductors. They are most commonly installed for smaller sections.

  5. How does a copper bonded earth rod differ from a traditional earth rod?
  6. Copper bonded earth rods carry a high resistance to corrosion whereas when compared to that of galvanized steel rods, they are more liable to corrosion because of the zinc coating that degrades rapidly when placed underground. This results in the exposure of inner steel and thereafter corrodes faster.

  7. What are the advantages of using a copper-bonded earth rod over a traditional earth rod?
  8. The advantage of copper-bonded earth rod is that it has a longevity of about more than 40 years and when compared to the rest of the rods they have comparatively less.

  9. How long do copper bonded earth rods last?
  10. Copper bonded earth rods last for more than 40 years which sets it's apart from the rest of the rod type.