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Copper Bonded Earthing Rod

Our Manufactured Copper Bonded Earthing Rod is high tensile low carbon steel by molecularly bonding 99.9% pure electrolytic copper, these earth rods confirm to BS 4360 grade 43A. Each rod is treated with Benzol triozole derivatives to prevent oxidation of copper bonding.

The threads are formed by roll threading process which ensure strength and maintain the molecularly bonded copper along the full length of the threads. The rods can be deep driven manually or by using power hammer.

Our "Copper Bonded Earth Rod" is Extensible earth rods are coupled using threaded, easy to use brass alloy couplings. Connections can be made by using bolted clamps or exothermic welding process.

copper bonded earth rod

Solid Copper Bonded Earthing Rod ( Externally Threaded)

copper bonded earth rods

Everything You Need to Know About Copper Bonded Earthing Rods

Before we come to the main core of this article which is copper bonded earthing rod price, specification, manufacturers, etc are you aware of the earthing process?

Well, we know that somehow once in your lifetime you must have encountered the issue of getting an electric shock. So before we commence with copper bonded earth rods it is better to understand what actually the term earthing means so that the base is cleared first.

Earthing is a process in which with the help of low-resistance wire immediate electrical energy chargers are transferred to the earth. When the chargers are distributed equally with the earth or soil then it is called earthing.

It helps to avoid any current leakage and makes sure that there is no damage to your electrical appliances. For securing safety and enabling no harm to the people or electrical devices earthing is done by earthing systems such as the copper bonded earthing rod.

Copper Bonded Earthing Rods Explained -

Hope you understood what earthing is so that eventually it will be easy for you to comprehend Copper Bonded Earthing Rods. It is always advisable to clear the basics before you jump onto the main topic as it makes your understanding process easy. Now you must be thinking what are Copper Bonded Earthing Rods?

What is a Copper Bonded Earth Rod and How Does it Work?

Copper Bonded Earth Rods sets the earthing system at its best in overhead, underground electricity distribution and transmission networks. With the help of copper bonded earth systems there is a provision of ground contact in soil conditions such as high voltage towers, power distributions and channels.