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BI Metal Connector, BI Metal Lugs, Copper Lugs Suppliers in India.

Pioneer Power International are leading manufacturers of the Copper Lugs and Aluminium Lugs in the country. Started in 2001 from a just manufacturing and marketing of compression terminal ends to manufacturing a variety of copper cable lugs, aluminium lugs, Earthing and lightning protection kits or cables the company’s progress has been exponential.

The International acclimation as Copper Cable Lugs Makers, and the client base that includes Kone, BHEL, Northern Railways, BGR Energy, L&T, Siemens, and more aptly describes our standards of customer service and product quality that the company has successfully maintained.

Bi Metal Connector- Copper Lugs, Cable Terminal Lugs and connectors,Earthing Rod and accessories, Brass Cable Glands are our majorly manufactured products.Aluminium - Copper BI - Metallic Connector / Splice, Copper Bonded Earth Rod and Fittings, Copper Industrial Cables (A1/A2) are some of our specialities. Do visit our products page for more .

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Cable Terminal Lugs and Connectors:

We have a wide variety of copper and aluminum lugs and connectors. Starting from copper tubular cable terminal ends heavy duty- XLPE cables, Copper tubular in-line connectors, Compression joint -heavy duty, high voltage copper terminals 33 KV, Copper tubular In-lin connectors as per Australian standard, Aluminium in-line connectors, Aluminium reducer type terminal ends, Aluminium ferrules for Aluminium XLPE conductors, etc.

You can rely on a stable electrical connection quality throughout time if you utilize insulated connectors. In accordance with the standards of the current market, we provide you with a large selection of insulated and non-insulated cable lugs and connectors as well as tubular cable lugs.

Earthing Rod and Accessories:

In the earthing rod & accessories, there are varieties such as rod to cable clamp, Ubolt for right pipe and cables- type PUB, Copper earth lattice, B Bond, Earth boss, Rod Brackets, Square tape clamp, air terminal base type, screw down test clamp, etc. the list seems no end because we believe you need to have one point solution for your problems.

Prominent in our work, we offer Earthing Rod And Accessories such as mentioned above and many more items. We supply aluminium conductors, aluminium rods, and other products. With the help of our in-house plant we make the best quality products to give you the best experience.

The ideal earthing rod is used in houses, apartments, and other structures. It is used to safeguard installations and machinery by giving fault currents a low-impedance path. We manufacture earthing systems using strict guidelines. Additionally, we produce customized goods precisely in accordance with customer specifications and maintain a desire to offer the best quality possible at a price that meets customer expectations.

Glands of Brass Cable

With in-depth knowledge of this subject, we have been trusted to provide a variety of Brass Cable Glands. These link organs are widely used as a part of electric and electronic enterprises across the country and are renowned for their magnificent quality, sturdiness, and stun protection. These "Brass Cable Glands" are made by the skilled craftsmen of the seller using premium quality raw materials and advanced techniques.

Additionally, we provide our customers with the mentioned Brass Cable Glands at affordable prices and in a variety of sizes. Ranging from CW industrial cable glands, single compression cable e glands, BW industrial cable gland, locknuts, earth tags, PVC Shroud, Brass gland with kit, and many more. This all is done with the usage of modern technology. Modern technology is used by our company to deliver services on time and with precision.

Benefits For You!

  • Reliable
  • We guarantee you that the product at our company will be highly reliable as we handle it with all care and observation. You can trust with our commodities as they are made under high scrutiny and will be severed at your demand with care.

  • Quality Products
  • The most stringent safety standards require important components like cable lugs and connectors. Premium quality is necessary to ensure the safest connections, even with basic connection materials. Take advantage of our extensive selection of premium cable lugs and connectors.

  • Best Crimped Connections
  • Stranded wire is terminated using a solderless electrical connector known as a crimp connector. Depending on the type, crimp connectors, also known as crimp terminals, can be terminated to different configurations of screw terminals, wire splices, and spade-foot connectors. Use our cable lugs for better comfort and tool sets to get the best crimp connections.

  • Internationally Applicable
  • All application requirements, including those for special demands, are covered by our portfolio of cable lugs. The "Pioneer Power International" range of products has become interchangeable with loads of electrical products & accessories available in the international markets of Saudi Arabia, Oman (Muscat), Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka,Yemen, Jordan, Ghana, Nigeria,Qatar, Dubai, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Poland and South Africa.

  • Certified Products
  • All of this has led to "Pioneer Power International" being recognized as the leader in its industry and receiving the ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate, the gold standard for quality internationally. We hope you will join those who have discovered Pioneer Power International’s outstanding record and its commitment to the value of quality & Professional service.

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