All you need to know about Copper lugs and Aluminium Lugs.


All you need to know about Copper lugs and Aluminium Lugs.

Mechanical lugs form an important part of a home electrical system. Mechanical lugs are mainly used to connect cables. Clamps that connect wires to an automotive battery is an easy example of lugs. They are made up of two metals – Aluminum one and a copper. As far as the functionality goes, Copper lugs and Aluminium lugs are kind of similar to each other. In short, you can say that they serve the same purpose. The only difference is their character as well as the applications where they will be used in the system. Let’s understand both of them separately first.


Aluminium lugs are the most common and most used type of lugs. Aluminium lugs are much cheaper than copper ones. They even go back to the early days of the 1960s. Back then, aluminium was the most used metal and we’re being used generously in almost every wiring system. Since all the electric wires at home were made up of aluminium metal, it makes sense to use the aluminium lugs at the connection junction. Aluminium expands and contracts as it heats and cools quickly. Because of this aluminium wiring and lugs can losses quickly as compared to copper lugs. The one disadvantage of using aluminium lugs is that there are many termination failures. Aluminium connection junctions fails frequently and due to this electrical fires can happen frequently. Aluminium lugs also have some major safety issues. After all these issues it was decided that aluminium lugs are not a good fit for electrical working. Here’s where copper comes to the picture as a more effective and easy replacement.


Copper lugs gained popularity because of all the convenience they provide. Copper can terminate all the problems found in Aluminum lugs. It does not create any kind of fire safety hazards like aluminium. Currently, Copper wiring systems are being used all over the world. Copper has low resistivity, making it an excellent conductor. It is also less oxidative than other metals and that is why copper doesn’t rust easily. Oxidation is the reaction between air and moisture, creating a film like rustic covering on the surface of the metal. With copper lugs and wires, you do not have to worry about the rust. Copper lungs are used when direct fastening methods are not necessary or feasible.


Copper lugs are better in many numerous ways. However, Copper lugs are a bit more expensive than aluminium lugs. Due to its cheap price, aluminium wires and lugs are used in almost every wiring system even now. However, aluminium lugs related innovations are being made, making them as safe and convenient as copper lugs. Nowadays, it is also possible to find aluminium lugs in a copper coating. Copper requires fewer precautions as compared to copper lugs. This makes the wire long-lasting as well as budget-friendly. Aluminium is much safer to use as compared to earlier days. Despite all these changes in Aluminum lugs, copper lugs are still better than aluminium lugs in terms of work and convenience. U protective aluminium lugs comrades easily which in turn causes multiple failures. Copper lugs are suitable for large gauge applications for grounding as well as power draw. Looking for copper lugs? Look no further than Pioneer Power International. We are India's largest manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of products like copper, aluminium, bimetallic cables, connectors, earthing rods and searching accessories. Our customer base includes huge distributors, wholesalers, electricity boards, electrical contractors, maintenance companies and government authorities. Our company has witnessed considerable growth over the years.