Copper Lug Manufacturers

“Pioneer Power International” is India’s Largest Manufacturer and Exporter of a wide range of products like Copper, Aluminium, Bimetallic Cable Lugs and Connectors, Earthing rods & Earthing Accessories. We are famous as Copper Cable Lugs Makers. Our customer base includes Distributors, Wholesalers, Electricity Board, Electrical Contractors, Maintenance companies and Government Authorities. An ISO 9001:2015 Certification for total quality management.

Established in 2001 for manufacturing and marketing, compression terminal ends to both OEM users and wholesale outlets. The company has experienced a considerable growth rate over the years. Company has expanded its product range to include brass cable glands, Earthing and Lightning Protection units and a variety of Copper Lugs such as BI Metal connector- copper lugs, compression copper tubular lugs, etc.

Pioneer has two factory units : Unit I at Mira Road (Dist:Thane) and Unit II at Kandivali (Mumbai). The whole process right from procurement of best quality raw material to tin plating of terminals is done under strict quality control conditions. It also houses a design and tooling room and a fully equipped testing laboratory.

Headquartered in Mumbai, “Pioneer Power International'' operates all over India & Globally. We also have a strong presence in Saudi Arabia, Oman (Muscat), Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Poland, South Africa, UK, USA, and through our agents & associates. Do contact us for queries and enquiries.


“We at M/s Pioneer Power International are committed to provide products & services of the highest quality. In all activities we will pursue quality leadership with goals aimed at achieving defect free results that fully meet needs & expectation of its customers. A dedicated effort makes best quality” and we are committed to adhere. “Pioneer Power International” has set strict standard for itself, which we maintains without any compromises.


Stock Availability

Our storage system, ensure availability of the complete range of products and it, prompt dispatch. in committed time.

Test Facilities

Our engineers utilize the various in - house testing facilities & external lab reports to ensure integrity and performance of every product that rolls out of our plant.

Tool Room And Calibration

We have facilities for making tools 8, dies for manufacturing of our products. Our fully trained technicians continuously monitor and check on tooling with "go & no-go gauge" tolerancing. All equipments are calibrated at regular intervals by registered bodies.