Aluminium Cable Lugs and Copper Cable Lugs

Aluminium Cable Lugs and Copper Cable Lugs are topped and loaded with oil to keep away from the oxidation of the aluminium and make a water-blocked association. Appropriate for high voltage link end. The nonattendance of the review gap forestalls dampness entrance, making these "Aluminium Cable Lugs" and "Copper Cable Lugs" additionally reasonable for open-air applications. Pass on creasing positions are set apart along the Aluminium and Copper Lugs length to guarantee sheltered and solid link pleating of the connector.

Aluminium Cable Lugs & Copper Cable Lugs Types

We as Copper cable lug makers in the area of Aluminium Cable Lugs and Copper Cable Lugs from our company emerges as a preferred choice in the market. Enhanced service life and well tested design enable this product to grow from strength to strength. We offer this product to our customers only after multiple quality checks and deliver the same with an excellent packaging. These are simple Copper Lugs which can be spliced into control lines. These Aluminium & Copper Cable Lugs are built utilizing best quality apparatus and by executing advance advances. Our item accompanies different highlights, for example, dimensional precision, reason particular development, dependability and strength. These can be benefited at advertise driving rates.

Aluminium Cable Lugs and Copper Lugs Dealers in India

We are a main maker and provider of top-notch Aluminium Cable Lugs and Copper Lugs are made of best quality metal. These Aluminium Cable Lugs and Copper Cable Lugs put in a wide exhibit of utilizations like broadcast communications, electrical works and so forth. These are very strong and consequently, are requested by all. These embellishments are accessible in parts like copper link hauls, tinned C connectors, pressure joints and some more. Our association is recorded as approved producer and exporter of a wide range of "Aluminium Cable Lugs" and "Copper Cable Lugs". We fabricate these items remembering the set rules of winning ISO models.We are one of the finest Copper Cable Lug Makers in the country.

Aluminium Cable Lugs and Copper Cable Lugs in Competitive Price

Aluminium Cable Lugs and Copper Cable Lugs are utilized to end the closures of battery link and welding link so they can be associated with other electrical gear, for example, starters, meld pieces, appropriation squares, and so forth. Produced using unadulterated copper, link hauls are profoundly conductive and can deal with high streams. As the main firm, Pioneer Powers Internationals occupied with assembling, providing, exchanging and wholesaling Lugs. By utilizing the world-class aluminium and copper, we have built up our range as per the business standards. These hauls are utilized as a part of numerous applications in electrical industry. we have outlined our item extend in such a way, to the point that it suits all the quality guidelines adequately.

What exactly are Copper Lugs?

Lugs made of copper:

Have you ever wondered what that silver gleaming metal at the end of your cables or between your wires is? It's a Copper Lug, after all. They attach cables to electrical appliances, other cables, surfaces, or mechanisms using copper lugs, also known as cable lugs. Copper lugs are commonly seen on the clamps that connect wires to an automotive battery, as well as on the ends of battery jumper cables. Copper lugs are commonly employed when permanent, direct-fastening methods are neither practical nor essential. They are designed to be quickly placed and removed for repairs or maintenance. In order to prevent damage to copper lugs, cables, connectors, and short circuits, they may be covered with a protective coating. Copper lugs are appropriate for heavy gauge power demand or grounding applications. Each copper lug has the option of being crimped or soldered to wire. For an aesthetically pleasing finish, the copper lug has a burr-free look. Depending on the type of lug, one end of the copper lug fits the cable through soldering, welding, or crimping. A bolt, screw, or spring clip is used to secure the other end of the copper lug to a matching termination or connecting point.


The Cable Lug connects a cable to the device while the other end is connected to the connection termination. To ensure a secure connection, the initial end is crimped, soldered, or welded. The second end is held together with a screw or bolt. The application of terminal and bimetallic lugs vary as per industry. Cable lugs come in a variety of sizes, forms, and materials, as well as various configurations. Insulated lugs with various terminals, such as a pin, blade, hook, fork, and ring terminal, are required in the wiring, automation, control panel, and instrumentation industries. For many connection needs, most devices are connected with copper ring-type lugs. Another form of the lug is the butt and parallel connector. These are used when two cables need to be terminated or linked. Heat shrinkable, closed-end type, butt type, and PVC insulated are the most popular. Depending on the cable type, copper cable lugs can also be utilized as butts and parallel connectors.

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