• Compression Cable Lugs Narrow Palm
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Compression Cable Lugs Narrow Palm

Copper Cable Lugs, we offer copper lugs, BI metallic connectors, BI metal Lugs,lugs for earthing and lightning protection. We are amongst the most trustworthy Copper Bonded Earth rod manufacturers. One of our popular products is the Copper Cable Lugs Narrow Palm. The specifications, and the material used is mentioned below. Our size and dimension chart is available on our website for your convenience. Pioneer Power International offers some other products such as Aluminium Cable Lugs and fittings, Brass Cable Glands (A1/A2 Industrial). Check out our featured products below and contact us for orders and queries.

Material: E Copper
Specification : E.C. Grade 99.25% IACS
Finish: Electro Tinned