What are copper lugs and what are they used for?


What are copper lugs and what are they used for?

What are copper lugs?

A copper lugs is also known as a Copper Cable Lug is an important piece of electrical tool that is used for connecting the wire with electrical gadgets including other cables, devices, etc. It is generally used to terminate the ends of a battery cable and a welding cable so that they can be connected to an electrical device. The electrical devices onto which the Copper Lugs can be used can be fuse blocks, distribution blocks, starters, etc. They are made up of pure copper and they provide the best performing electrical connection between the power sources and power cable. Such cable lugs are highly conductive and can handle very high currents. Depending on the choice, copper lugs can be soldered or crimped to the electronic device, and a bolt or a screw can connect the copper lug to the battery. You can get Copper Lugs from a highly regarded and well reputed institution, which is Pioneer Powers International.

Uses of Copper Lugs

Copper Lugs have a lower coefficient of thermal expansion which implies that the fractional change in size per degree change in temperature at constant pressure has a lower propensity for change in size. Simple stating that Copper Lugs have a low risk of fire and hence they are safer for use. Copper Lugs are hence more popular as they work effectively towards not producing fire hazards but the only catch is that they are on the expensive end as compared to Aluminium Lugs. They are designed in such a way that cable termination and repair or removal become a very simple procedure.

  • One of the main uses of Copper Lugs is that it is used to connect cables to electrical appliances. They distribute electrical current between two or more electrical wires. Copper lugs provide the best electrical performance and hence they are perfect for High Voltage connection purposes.

  • Copper Lugs can be efficiently used in both electronic devices and power cable systems. Power cables are often hidden within the ground, run above, or exposed as permanent wiring within structures.

  • With Copper Lugs as there is adequate safe handling, they are also efficiently used in fuse sockets, switches, electrical gadgets, power circuits, etc. In chances of damage, the electronic device can also be easily repaired.

  • Another one of the main uses of copper lugs is that one end of the copper lug is used to connect to an electrical tool while the other is used to connect to terminals of electrical appliances.

  • Copper Lugs are also utilized to reduce the diameter of a thick cable so that it can be attached to a cable of a smaller diameter.

  • Some of the areas where a copper lug is widely used are as follows:

    Power Distribution Cabinets Mechanical Equipment Factories
    Shipyards Factory equipment
    Distribution Boxes Electrical Equipment Factories
    Household Appliances Metal Processing
    Machine Room Line Production Processes

    Types of Copper Lugs:

    Regarded as one of the best Copper Lug makers, some of the Copper Lugs that are available at Pioneer Powers is as follows

    • Copper Tubular Cable Terminals Ends, Heavy Duty, XLPE Cables

    • Tinned Copper Tubular Cable Lugs (Without Heavy Inspection Hole) Heavy Duty

    • Copper Tubular Cable Terminal, Ends Light Duty, XLPE Cables

    • Copper Tubular Cable Terminal Ends-(Heavy Duty)- Four Holes Type

    • Copper Cable Terminal Ends, Extended Palm with 2-Hole, Heavy Duty

    • Compression Cable Lugs Sealed Palm
    • Apart from this, we also provide Earthing rods and accessories, Brass Cable Glands, Bi-Metallic Connectors, etc. At Pioneer Powers we take pride in providing top-notch quality materials to make Aluminum Lugs and Copper Lugs.

      What are Copper Lugs Made Of:

      As we regard ourselves as a quality goods provider, you can be rest assured to get the best out of the price that you have invested. All the Copper Lugs that are available with us are made out of E-Copper. E-Copper is a type of Copper that has the characteristics of high conductivity, i.e. it has the ability to conduct a high amount of electrical current and also has relatively high corrosion resistance implying that it has a strong resistance against adverse elements that can corrode the product.

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