What are Cable Glands? & which types are mostly used by industries?

The cable gland’s main purpose is to seal the electrical equipment & ensure the wiring is well-protected. It prevents us from getting electric shocks & from the explosion. Cable glands are also known as cable connectors, cable fittings, cord grips, and cable strain reliefs. The cable glands can be armored or unarmored. The material used fo cable glandcan be brass, plastic, aluminum, or steel. It protects the inner material from exploding and from the weather as the wiring can rust.

To create cable glands, a central enclosure or body through which cabling can pass is combined with several attachments. Typically, they consist of a lock (or check) nut, washers, a seal, an attachment claw or cone, and a sealing (or compression) nut.

BW Industrial cable gland:

These are used in industries like the manufacturing industry, cement industry, petrol, electrical industry or chemical industry, etc.

  • This cable gland has Direct & remote installation.
  • It is used to assure electrical continuity and mechanical retention of the cable by clamping the armor wire.
  • It is permanently crimped and has low impedance on earth termination.
  • The temperature consists of -60° to +200°. This cable gland is a single-wire armor or steel wire armor.
  • It is used for indoor applications as waterproofing is not required.
  • Function - provides electrical continuity between armor and gland entry component.

CW industrial cable glands:

  • CW cable glands are used in outdoor applications.
  • -60°C to +130°C (standard) -20°C to 200°C (ThermIn option CWHT)
  • It has metal-to-metal clamping
  • High-quality durable materials are imported
  • Direct and remote installation
  • CW brass glands are also supplied with integral earth facilities

Double and single compression cable glands

  • Single compression cable glands- These are used in the average atmosphere. It is consumed by the lightly armored cables.
  • Components of a single compression cable glands- Flat washer, Lock nut, Rubber washer, neoprene rubber seal.

  • Double compression cable glands- These cable glands can be weatherproof or flameproof
  • Components of double compression cable glands- Skid washer, Armor clamping ring/cone, washer, lock nut, nipple entry thread, main gland body, neoprene outer/inner rubber

Use of PVC shroud -

Gives weather protection and corrosion protection to your cable gland. It is not compulsory to have a PVC shroud as it can have the opposite effect on the cable gland.

  • It is used to reduce the risk of dirt or any foreign substances gathering on the top of the cable
  • Used for outdoor purposes and in most hostile conditions
  • Works as an effective seal on both the gland and cable’s outer sheath
  • Safe to use and not affected by ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight
  • Its operating temperature should be between -60° to +90°

What are Earth Tags & why they are used in cable glands?

Earth tags are a safety feature that prevents the cable gland from electrifying and, as a result, safeguards anyone who might come into touch with a defective gland.

Similar to the ones in ordinary plugs, earth tags offer a means of attaching cable glands to the earth. The earth tag safely directs the power toward the ground in the event of a fault.


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