Know more about types of cable glands

A cable gland is a device attached to secure electrical equipment. cord grip, cable strain relief, cable connector, or cable fitting are other terms used for the cable gland. These devices vary from application to application and environmental conditions. In this blog, we will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the cable glands. Where are cable glands used? And What are the types of cable glands available?

What is a cable gland?

A cable gland is described as a mechanical cable entry module. They are used to secure the electrical cables that are used in the long-lasting connections, unlike household plugins that are disconnected quickly.

Most of the Industries https://pioneerpowers13.edublogs.org/2022/07/22/find-the-most-suitable-lugs-for-your-cable/ that use electrical equipment to some extent make use of cable glands. Cable glands are varied in different types and sizes, and are used in different types of conditions and applications.

Where are cable glands used?

Answering the most common questions, why and where are cable glands used?

  • Connection protection: The cable gland seals the outer cable sheath, protecting the wiring and electrical enclosure from dust, dirt, moisture, and other environmental hazards, protecting the connection of the cable to electrical equipment.

  • Strain relief: The cord grip secures the cable at a fixed angle during its installation. This connection provides strain relief and resistance to prevent disconnection.

  • Types of cable glands.

    There are various types of cable glands that are used in different equipment and environmental conditions. Most of the cable glands are categorised under different sectors like metals, plastic, armored, unarmoured, marine or fire protection glands, and other types. These cable glands are used depending on their sector's necessity. Some of the most common types of cable glands include-

    A1/A2 Industrial cable gland.

    This type of cable gland is designed to be used for unarmored cables. It is a Brass indoor and outdoor cable gland that is applicable for all types of unarmored wires. Generally, A1/A2 are plastic glands used to secure the outer jacket of the cable.

    BW Industrial cable gland.

    The BW Industrial type of cable gland is designed to be used for armored cables, plastic or rubber sheathed cables, additional grip is provided with the help of a lockring to the armor. The BW glands are also provided with integral earthing facilities.

    CW Industrial cable gland.

    Type CW cables are made of brass or stainless steel and used on plastic or rubber sheathed cables with armor. The CW type of cable gland is designed to serve the same purpose as the BW Industrial cable gland.

    E1 W/F Industrial cable gland.

    Cables with armor and plastic or rubber outer sheathed use E1 W/F cable gland. The E1 W/F type of cable gland is mostly suitable for climatic conditions, they are weatherproof and waterproof. They can be used in indoor as well as outdoor conditions.

    Single compression and Double compression cable glands.

    The single compression cable glands are mostly used in corrosive conditions as they are weatherproof. The single compression cable glands come with the B. S. C. thread. A single compression type of cable gland is used for indoor conditions for all types of unarmored wires.

    The Double compression cable gland is a brass outdoor cable gland that is suitable for armored cables and unarmored cables. They are also used in corrosive conditions and are weatherproof and flameproof. The Double compression glands are also supplied with the B. S. C. thread.

    These are some of the types of electrical cable glands that are used in protection of the cables and electrical equipment. The perfect type of gland is needed to be used for suitable cable wires, according to its type and conditions. For eg, a type of armored cable gland should be used for the described cables.

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