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BIMetallic Lugs and BIMetallic Connectors

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Why We Use BIMetallic Lugs and BIMetallic Connectors

Aluminum Bimetallic Lugs is utilized at that point contact between terminal lug and copper transport bar being of divergent metals with a specific end goal to forestall disparate contact and to maintain a strategic distance from the galvanic activity it is constantly fitting to utilize copper aluminum bimetallic lugs & connectors. BIMetallic hauls or connector is utilized when an aluminum link should be ended on to a copper transport bar or contact

BIMetallic Lugs and BIMetallic Connectors Dealers in India

We are occupied with assembling, providing and sending out brilliant bimetallic connectors, bimetallic lugs. Pioneer Powers Internationals is the main producer, provider and exporter of excellent bi metallic connectors, bimetallic lugs in mumbai, maharashtra, india.

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BIMetallic Lugs and BIMetallic Connectors in Competitive Price

We deliver an expansive combination of BIMetallic Connectors and BIMetallic Lugs creatively planned with two distinct metals to guarantee string quality and conductivity. We utilize electrolytic copper to the palm and aluminium for the rest of the piece of the lugs and connectors.

We lay accentuation on the quality for toughness, dependability or more all, the notoriety of the organization before its clients. We appreciate the quality and nature of the strings as the most extreme protests and grievances of the clients are from weariness of the strings. We also the prominent dealers of all types of Earthing and Lightning Protection.

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All about Bimetallic lugs--

Are you rushing to Bimetallic Lugs and Connectors but don't know where to buy them from? Pioneer Power is an expert in delivering Aluminum & Copper Bimetallic Lugs & Connectors hassle-free at your doorstep.

We have a range of products that will enable you to get the best choices. The specifications are mentioned with the product so that you can buy according to your convenience.

There are too many products available in the market but buying certified and assured products are the need of the hour. But before we initiate, let us get to know the core of the topic which gives you insight into Bimetallic Lugs and Connectors.

What are Bimetallic Lugs?

When an aluminum cable has to be concluded by a copper bus bar or copper contact then bimetallic Lugs come’s into the picture as it is used often. There are two types of cable lugs one is copper cable lug and another one is aluminium cable lug.

When copper or aluminum cable lugs are operated, a galvanic action ensues due to unlike touch. Copper cable lugs are futile when the combination of copper bus bar and aluminium cable are put together to fucntion. However, for technical sound and durable joint the use of bimetallic lugs are done.

Applications of Bimetallic Lugs:

Bimetallic lugs are applicable in 3 majorly used products:

  1. LV Connections on Bus Bar
  2. Low Voltage connections on a bus bar is a means of transporting current between branch circuit breakers and incoming conductors, Switchgear bus bars are used in panelboards, switchboards, switchgear, splitters, and all other electrical enclosures and cabinets.

  3. MV Terminations
  4. Mv Cable terminations are made of a single-piece heat shrink tube with an integral stress control co-extruded into it. These terminations are suitable for terminating single core polymeric insulated cables like XLPE or EPR.

  5. Transition Joint in Systems (used for grounding, switchgear, and high & low voltage).
  6. These joints connect various cable constructions, from three-core to single-core, as well as various cable insulation materials. Along with connecting various screen designs, conductor materials, and cross sections, they also serve another purpose.

Advantages of Aluminium & Copper Bimetallic Lugs:

The material is conductive aluminium barrels with 60% IACS* and copper palms with 97% IACS*.

  • The final metal state is annealed. The jointing technique is friction welding.

  • For the purpose of the range-taking, possessing a copper palm that corresponds the palms of the apparatus is added advantage.

  • A different range of connectors makes it easy to be fitted into circuit breakers.

  • Further, they are very safe to handle and use.

  • In this cpompetetive market, it stands out due to its affordability.

  • Maintaining the BS standard all copper products are well maintained and controls it from corrosion and oxidation.

  • PVC insulation is supplied to terminals for superior di-electric strength & for sustaining.

  • Entry to the wire barrel is shock-proof, or bell mouthed for faster and easier conductor entry.

  • There are shock-proof areas for entering the wire barrel, or the entrance is bell-mouthed to insert conductors quickly.

Further you must be wondering what happens when bimetallic strip is heated? Or How bimetallic strip works?

Lets answer your forst question that is when bimetallic strip is heated then suppiose there are two metal, metal A and metal B, then the metal A the one which is more flexible tends to incline more than the metal B and it results in such a way that the strip curves with metal A on the outside as the expansion of A is more becoming an arc and when the strip gets cooled down the metal B turns out to be left outside.

Now talking about the next question how it works well its simple. As you know that there are two strips of vivid metals that are held together at one end then while it gets heated , these two strips expands at different rates giving a bending effect which hopefully indicates the change in the measure of the temperature.

How to Choose the Right Bimetallic Lugs for Your Electrical Project?

People often get confused while purchasing the right bimetallic lugs. So to solve your problem and give you the formula for purchasing the right bimetallic lugs Pioneer Powers International has provided you with the following tips for making your buying easy.

Firstly make sure that you do not make use of mechanical screw set lugs. When you use mechanical lugs like the standard aluminium mechanical screw lugs it enables a twisting motion on the fine strands of wire which results in deforming the strands.

So there is a chance that the motion leads to cutting of the strands causing difficulty. Therefore, it is significant that you speak with a connection expert Pioneer Powers International before concluding which lugs is better for your electrical project.

If at all you are thinking of choosing mechanical lugs then remember that these lugs should be handled with care as it is better to carry out functionality through the experts and not by you.

At times when you think of buying Compression lugs make sure you know the benefits of compression lugs. Only then you decide to purchase one as the connector gives equal radial pressure surrounding the wire and helps to become a dense joint.

Additionally, due to the outstretched opening, it aids to gather the strand when the spread is cut. The extended opening helps to make sure that each strand is inside the barrel and remains constant.

Make it a point you buy products from a qualified and certified manufacturer. Pioneer Powers International has an advanced team that deals with expertise and experience. So it is always better to buy products from our company as we give guaranteed certified products with the best quality. We have a wide range of products that help you to get each and every solution in a single place.

Our specialists at Pioneer Powers International have extensive knowledge of the connector market. We are here to assist your team in selecting the best options for its projects. Contact our team right away to learn more about our goods and services.

Bimetallic Lugs vs. Copper Lugs: Which is Better?

Well, it is very difficult to say which lugs are better than the others as each lug has its own identity. Each lug performs in accordance with its specifications.

So it will be an injustice to say that bimetallic lugs are better than copper lugs, although, before the invention of bimetallic lugs, copper lugs were used in masses. People eventually choose copper lugs as their priority for their electrical applications. Yet it is dependent on the choice of the work that needs to be accomplished by the customer.

Additionally, bimetallic lugs can prevent galvanic action caused by dissimilar contacts, most often when an aluminium cable is connected to a copper bus bar. When the copper bus bar and aluminium cable are combined, copper cable lugs are rendered ineffective. So it is one of the reasons why bimetallic lugs can be better than copper lugs.

Installation Tips for Bimetallic Lugs in Electrical Systems

For any installation to take place it is necessary that the customer reads the manual properly which has been provided to the purchaser by the manufacturer for better understanding. Also if seen Bimetallic Lugs are a Cost-Effective Solution with Bimetallic Lugs for Electrical Installations.

  1. Stripping Sheath-
  2. Stripping sheath process takes place at first so great care should be taken not to mark or damage the individual conductor wires during stripping. Ensure that the separator tape is removed over the entire length and circumference of the conductor.

  3. Application of oxide breaker -
  4. While the Bi-metal lugs already contain an oxide breaker, a further coating of A12B OXB 500ML paste prevents the formation of an insulating aluminum oxide coating on both the conductor and cable lug surfaces and decreases the contact resistance so making sure to apply it on aluminium conductor.

    Over the entire conductor surface, enough oxide breaker should be applied and distributed evenly.

  5. Crimping Bi-metal Cable Lug -
  6. Before initiating the crimping process, check that both crimping dies are of the correct type/number for their recommended sizes.

    In order to make a good mechanical and electrical contact the barrel of the cable lug is physically compressed around the conductor. The first crimp should be made at approximately 5mm from the end of the crimp barrel closest to the copper palm of the Bi-metal cable lug.

    So when the second and crimp are done make sure their edges don’t remain sharp. In case when sharp edges have formed during the crimping process then these should be removed to avoid damage to the heat shrink sleeve.

  7. Positioning Heat Shrink Sleeve -
  8. A heat shrink sleeve should be used after the Bi-metal cable lug has been crimped onto the conductor. Through flame or hot air gun heat can be applied easily. When shrinking the sleeve, caution should be taken to avoid burning or overheating it.

    When the sleeve is deducted to fit perfectly remove the source of heat for prevention of sleeve and further reduction. Thus finally, the assembly gets finished.

Why Bimetallic Lugs are the Future of Electrical Connections?

Bimetallic lugs are mostly common when aluminium cables are supposed to be terminated to the copper busbar or copper contact. Also, a single-hole bimetallic lug is applicable to complete aluminium conductors onto copper bus bars in various applications such as control panel, switchgear, combiner boxes in solar plants, etc.

As there are many applications for using bimetallic lugs people are inclining towards the usage of bimetallic lugs. In addition to that, it is very safe and cost-effective.

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People Also Ask (FAQs):

  1. What are bimetallic lugs?
  2. Bimetallic lugs are made of an aluminum barrel and a copper palm and are used to connect aluminum conductors to copper bus bars. Corrosion is avoided and durability is guaranteed by using these lugs in solar plant control panels, switchgear, and combiner boxes.

  3. What are bimetallic lugs and how do they work in electrical connections?
  4. Bimetallic lugs are manufactured with the help of copper palm and aluminium barrel which helps to terminate the aluminium conductor onto copper bus bars.

  5. What are the types of lugs?
  6. Bolt type and compression type lugs are the two categories that are used to classify lugs based on different installation procedures and structural forms.

  7. Why do we use bimetallic lugs?
  8. When an aluminum cable needs to be terminated by a copper bus bar or copper contact, bimetallic lugs are most useful. Thus, the use of bimetallic lugs guarantees a reliable and sturdy joint.

  9. How does a bimetallic element work?
  10. One of the most durable and trouble-free thermometers is the bimetallic strip. It is nothing more than two strips of various metals joined together and supported at one end. The bending effect created by the two strips' different rates of expansion when heated is used to gauge the temperature change.

  11. What is bimetallic connector?
  12. Aluminum lightning protection conductor and copper earth conductor are connected by bimetallic connectors. They are a useful joining technique that does not require wrapping, tinning, or riveting the joint.

  13. What are the advantages of bimetallic strip?
  14. To translate a temperature change into mechanical displacement, a bimetallic strip is employed. They are durable, cheap and very safe to handle.

  15. What are the different types of bimetallic lugs available on the market?
  16. In market there are Bi-metallic lugs – Aluminium barrel with copper palm (with single, double, or four holes), Bi-metallic lugs with copper washer , Bi-metallic lugs reverse type , Bi-metallic connectors – Straight type, Bi-metallic connectors – Reducing type and Bi-metallic connectors – Pin type (Aluminium barrel with solid copper pin).

    Pioneer Powers fetch you the best quality Aluminium / Copper Bi-metallic conductor/slice and Bi-metallic type terminal ends.

  17. What are the key factors to consider when selecting the right bimetallic lug for a specific application?
  18. Above mentioned tips must be taken into consideration while selecting the right bi metallic lug so that it doesn’t misfit your requirement.

  19. What are the most common applications of bimetallic lugs in electrical engineering projects?
  20. These lugs are used in control panels or even seen in switchgear, and combiner boxes in Solar Plants which prevents corrosion and ensures longevity.

  21. What are the performance and longevity benefits of using bimetallic lugs in electrical connections?
  22. When corrosion is avoided and durability is guaranteed then the performance of bimetallic lugs is incredible. As there is very less chance of these lugs getting corroded.