Using Earthing for lightning protection

As monsoon arrives we all cherish the season as we all love to get in the rain and puddles, but someone hates the season. Yes, you are right! electrical appliances, monsoon season attracts lightning which can cause harm to electrical appliances. So the method used is earthing for lightning protection.

What are earthing and lightning protection?

The term Earthing is generally defined as “The process of transmitting the immediate discharge of electrical energy directly to the earth with the help of the low resistance wire. The electrical earthing is done by attaching the non-current carrying part of the equipment or impartial of the supply system to the ground.” Individuals generally use earthing for lightning protection.

The connections are connected to the ground to distribute the lightning effect to it. In unstable cases for example during a short circuit, the electrical earthing removes the overflow of the current and flows it through the earth. Earthing is one of the significant features of electrical networks.

How is lightning protected by earthing?

Damage is unavoidable as lightning strikes on earth. However, earthing and lightning protection systems are the key to protection. An electrocution safeness strategy is built on these pillars Earthing, Lightning Arrestor, SPD, or Surge Protection Device.

In the process of earthing when the electrical appliances are attached to the earth wire which will pass the leakage of electricity to the ground to prevent one from getting an electric shock. Grounding wires provide an alternate pathway for the existing supply to flow back to the source instead of supply through anyone regulating an unsafe appliance otherwise electrical box.

Earthing and lightning protection systems

With the increasing risk of livelihood, there are various earthing for lightning protection systems and cables available in the market. Lightning can cause big damage to appliances and the lives of individuals. We at Pioneer Power have a varied range of items for earthing and lightning protection. We deal in the best equipment for earthing your appliances to save you from any lightning effects at an affordable cost.

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Importance of Earthing and Lightning protection systems

With the increasing chances of lightning affecting your home or business, it may rise up the chances of harm and damage. The lighting effect can have various impacts on your electrical appliances and might result in death tolls, to people or animals in the nearby regions.

At Pioneer Powers we work for securing the lives of your appliances and yourself from these hazardous conditions. With our professional experience, and guidance we helped a huge number of organizations to assure viable security against lightning.

Suppliers of Earthing for lightning protection

Our experience in the cables and systems, it gives us an upper edge to design the best systems of earthing for lightning protection. We have a range of items suitable for all types of appliances. In this regular changing mechanical world we are able to help various organizations and save them from the hazardous situations of lightning.

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You can even order wholesale of this equipment. Only the Earthing of the equipment is not necessary, Earthing with the right and best accessories are necessary for the protection of human life as well as for the long life of the appliances and the prevention of large structures like buildings.

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