Do You Know Why We Use Bimetallic Lugs?


Know Why We Use Bimetallic Lugs?

Many questions revolve around the use of bimetallic lugs and the main question lies in why we use bimetallic lugs? So to solve all your doubts regarding the same we are providing you the answers to your question and along with that you can also buy our products without a second of doubt.

Firstly it is very important to know the base of any concept to make it use. So let us begin with the core definition of bimetallic lugs which have become the whole and soul of industrial equipment.

What is a Bimetallic Lug?

When aluminum cable terminates copper bus bar or copper contact, bimetallic lugs are made into use. An effective technical sound and durable joint is assured with the help of bimetallic lugs. Basically there are two varieties of cable lugs namely aluminum and the other one is copper cable lugs. In conditions where only aluminum or copper cables are made into function then galvanic action takes place because of the unlike touch.

Why do we use bimetallic lugs?

The best use for bimetallic lugs is when an aluminum cable needs to be terminated by a copper bus bar or copper contact. Therefore, the use of bimetallic lugs ensures a trustworthy and robust joint.For getting an effective technical sound and long lasting joint bimetallic lugs are used.

As you clearly understood why we use bimetallic lugs it is better to know the applications of bimetallic lugs too. There are 3 major uses of bimetallic lugs.

Use of Bimetallic Lugs:

Bimetallic lugs are often used in these products for better utility:

  1. MV Terminations
  2. Heat shrink tubes that have an integral stress control co-extruded into them are used to make Mv Cable terminations. Single core polymeric insulated cables like XLPE or EPR can be terminated with these terminations.

  3. Conversion Joint in Systems
  4. These joints link different cable constructions—from three-core to single-core—and different cable insulation materials. They connect different screen configurations, conductor types, and cross sections, but they also have another function.

  5. LV Connections on Bus Bar
  6. Current is moved between branch circuit breakers and incoming conductors using low voltage connections on a bus bar. Busbars for switchgear are employed in all electrical enclosures and cabinets, including panelboards, switchboards, splitters, and switchgear itself.

    Thus, there is a massive need when aluminium cables are to be terminated to the copper touch or copper bus bar. It is cost effective and very safe to use. This single hole bimetallic lug is used for force stopping aluminium conductors onto copper bus bars in various electrical appliances, switchgears, solar plants that have combiner boxes, control panels, etc.

    Hence, now you know the usage as well as why we use bimetallic lugs for industrial purposes. How about learning bimetallic lugs advantages.

Bimetallic Lugs Advantages

There are certain advantages of Bimetallic lugs they are as follows:

  • An annealed metal state is achieved through bimetallic lugs. Friction welding is used to join the pieces together. It is advantageous for the range-taking process if you have a copper palm that matches the palms of the apparatus. d advantage.

  • For circuit breakers to function well a different range of connectors makes it easy to perform well as per the need of the product. They stand out for its affordability and the fact that they are exceptionally safe to handle.

  • Upholding the BS standard everything made of copper is kept in good condition. When a product maintains its BS standard the longevity elevates making the product more durable with guaranteed satisfaction. Also controls it from corrosion and oxidation.

  • In order to maintain superior dielectric strength, PVC insulation is supplied to terminals. While the wire barrel's entrance is shock-proof, bell mouthed barrels allow for quicker and simpler conductor entry. When you know why we use bimetallic lugs it becomes easier to decide what you need for your specifications to be.


Bimetallic Lugs Specification

Piorneerpower renders you quality bimetallic products made from aluminum or copper. For instance, our products like aluminum-copper bimetallic connector / splice or bimetallic (copper- aluminum ) type terminal ends.

Aluminum-Copper Bimetallic Connector / Splice

If you want to buy an Aluminum-Copper Bimetallic Connector / Splice then the material of aluminum is 99.6% whereas copper involved is 99.95%. You may find the finish material; as per your need - uncoated / natural. Following a chart that will aid you to make the proper decision.

Bimetallic (Copper- Aluminium ) Type Terminal Ends

Bi metal lugs Connectors- Material specification of bimetallic lugs is 99.6% and copper palm is 99.95%. The final metal state will be fully annealed with joints included. We practice friction welding and welding area more than nominal conductor area for joining technique.

Thus, giving a natural finish and best product to our customers. Once the reason for why we use bimetallic lugs is familiar I hope the rest of the customers will also benefit by it and inform others for better understanding.

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