Earthing and lightning protection is extremely important for the safety of everyone using electrical equipment. Electronic equipment has become an important part of our lives. There is absolutely no one in this world who doesn’t use any kind of electronic equipment. We all have some kind of electrical equipment in our lives and our homes. Earthing and lightning protection is extra important for small children as they do not know how to be cautious around electricity. Not many people know about earthing and lightning protection which protect us against electric shock. Many high-end expensive devices fail due to a lack of earthing and lightning protection.
Let’s dive deeper and understand what exactly is earthing and Lightning and how it works. Let’s talk about earthing first.


In simple words, earthing is a connection between electrical equipment and an earth plate or earth electrode through a thick wire and rod of low resistance material to provide the ultimate protection is known as the earthing.
It works as a security measure to protect human life from electrical shocks. Besides this, the main purpose of the earthing system is to provide an alternate route for the flow of current (leakage) so that accidents and electric shocks cannot result in any casualties of human life or other accidents. It also avoids equipment failure due to any kind of leakage. Most people avoid this earthing protection just to save some bucks. Some people install low quality cheap earthing plates with high resistance. High resistance earthing is not good for your safety. Always go for good quality low resistance. MCB and RCCB cannot function without good things. It requires a path to discharge leakage current.


After earthing, lightning protection is equally important. In simple words, a lightning arrester is a device that allows lightning to ground quickly. In this way, your building will be safe from any kind of lightning. It has the ability to ground the potential charges which occur during lightning.
It also works as a security measure to protect your building from lightning. A lightning strike is an electrical discharge. This electrical discharge is between the atmosphere and a conductive thing. This generally diffuses on the ground. Approximately 25% of all lightning events are striking between the atmosphere and earth found objects. There are in total three types of lightning strikes.

  1. Direct lightning strike – This has the potential to almost damage everything which comes in its range of direct strike. It can also harm your high end expensive electrical equipment and appliances. Humans and animals can die very quickly with this direct lightning strike.
  2. Indirect lightning strike – This strike can flow through the wires and cables connected to the electrical equipment or appliances directly or indirectly.
  3. Secondary and resultant lightning strike – This type of lightning strike can result in explosion and fire. An explosion and fire can be as dangerous as a direct lightning strike.

Lightning is pretty dangerous when it strikes directly or indirectly to any object. The object can either be a living one or a nonliving one. Damage or accidents are always dangerous. Lightning has the potential to destroy anything completely within a few seconds. According to Wikipedia research, every year around 2,40,000 incidents happen due to lightning strikes. There are around 2,000 casualties every year due to lightning.
During heavy rain, most people die due to direct lightning. The major cause of so many deaths is the unawareness of this serious matter. Most people take lightning very casually. Sometimes, people take shelter in trees to save themselves from lightning. However, trees are not safe at all. Standing near a tree or even in an open space during lightning is never a good idea. If a good quality lightning arrester is installed in a building it means you are safe from lightning. If a flash of lightning strikes a building, it mainly damages the structure of the building. Making it very weak.

  • Always appoint a professional for the installation process. Never do it yourself. Contact a lightning arrester specialist.
  • Lightning arrester protects the building structure.

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