All you need to know about Earthing.

So, we all know something about earthing from the days of our school. But in a real sense what is an earthing? And what are the types of earthing products? Will be discovered in this blog.
The term Earthing is generally defined as “The process of transferring the immediate discharge of electrical energy directly to the earth with the help of the low resistance wire is known as the electrical earthing. The electrical earthing is done by connecting the non-current carrying part of the equipment or neutral of the supply system to the ground.”

What is an earthing?

The method of transmitting instant electrical discharge into the ground through low-resistance wires or cables is typically known as electrical earthing. In hazardous cases like the case of a short circuit, the electrical earthing removes the overflow of the current and flows it through the earth. Earthing is one of the significant features of electrical networks.

How does earthing work?

In the process of earthing when the electrical appliances are connected to the earth wire which will pass the leakage of electricity to the ground to prevent one from getting an electric shock. Grounding wires provide an alternate path for the current supply to flow back to the source instead of supply throughout anyone handling a hazardous appliance otherwise electrical box.

Earthing is categorized under 4 types they are -

Plate Earthing Pipe Earthing Rod Earthing Strip or water earthing

Why is earthing essential?

Most of the readers have a common question in their mind: is earthing necessary? Can't we just use the electrical equipment without earthing? Answering their queries, Yes earthing is necessary for the below reasons.

Earthing of electrical equipment is necessary for 3 main reasons -
  • Human Safety
  • The earthing of electrical equipment is essential for human safety. Due to earthing of equipment, the flow of leakage electric current is diverted through a different channel. Which would lower the casualties of human life and accidents that would have happened through the electric shock.

  • Safety of electrical equipment
  • Earthing helps in flowing over excessive current through a different channel. This helps in reducing the chances of the flow of excessive current through the equipment. The over-voltage might cause the device to combust due to problems like overheating, etc. So, earthing also helps in fire prevention

  • Protection of building from lightning
  • Earthing is not limited to electrical equipment, but also buildings like sky-scrappers are also earthed for protection from lightning. The earthing device is placed on the top of the building connecting to the ground via a plate or wire. In this case, the lightning is transferred down from the top of the building to the bottom (to the ground) with the wire or plate used. Which in turn prevents the building and its occupants from any damage or harm caused by lightning.

    Types of Earthing Systems

    There are varied ways of doing the earthing of electrical equipment in factories, industries, households, etc. The varied types of earthing systems include the following.

  • Earthing plate

  • In this system, a copper or iron plate is used as an earthing plate.For a better electrical grounding system, one should maintain the earth's moisture condition around the plate earthing system.

  • Earthing pipe

  • When a galvanized steel pipe is placed vertically wet it is treated as an Earthing pipe. The pipe length is decided by the moisture of the soil on the surface of the earth.

  • Earthing Rod

  • A copper Rod with galvanized steel pipe is placed upright in the ground physically or using a hammer. This system acts the same as that of earthing pipes.

  • Neutral earthing

  • This kind of earthing is generally given to the equipment that uses star wind. For eg, Transformer, generator, motor, etc.

  • Equipment earthing
  • As the name itself suggests this kind of earthing technique is used for electrical equipment. A conducting wire is used for earthing of equipment. This system helps in preventing a short circuit.

    Only the Earthing of the equipment is not necessary, Earthing with the right and best accessories are necessary for the protection of human life as well as for the long life of the equipment and the prevention of large structures like buildings.
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