Brass is considered to be the oldest metal alloy so far. It is extremely common in pulling fixtures and fittings from home to huge instructional establishments. A cable gland is also known as the cord grip, cable strain relief, and cable connector. This device is specially designed to secure the end of an electrical cable to the equipment. Not many people are aware of cable glands. There are multiple types of cable glands such as plastic, steel, brass and aluminium. Among all these, brass is the most effective and convenient one for industrial usage. Brass cable glands have unique advantages over all other types of cable glands. It is lustrous and the shiny bright colour looks like a bar of gold. It is much harder yet valuable than bronze. Here are some of the many benefits of brass cable glands.


One of the best things about a brass cable gland is that it has the best anti-corrosion function. Other metal cable glands can create serious corrosion problems. It seconds to none when it comes to corrosion resistance. Rust and corrosion can create a lot of issues on metal cable glands. Therefore, the brass cable gland is the ideal choice in such a situation. It can withstand the nastiest water. It does not corrode or rust in poor water PH conditions. If you are searching for the best Brass Cable Gland then Pioneer Powers is the best choice for you.


Metal brass cable glands have proper explosion-proof properties. They are extremely ductile in pretty high temperatures and can endure excess heat than other types of brass cable glands available in the market nowadays. They are also called sealing glands. Commonly they are used in hazardous settings to increase safety. Metal brass cable glands can be easily utilised with:

  • Wires
  • Signalling cables
  • Probes
  • Power
It also offers other functions than selling cable and wires such as:
  • Protection (ingress)
  • Earthing
  • Strain relief
  • Environmental protection
This property of Metal brass cable glands makes it perfect for underground mining. They are utilised to increase safety in drilling operations and excavations.


Brass cable glands are cheaper than stainless cable glands. They also provide many more advantages as compared to stainless cable glands. Brass cable glands has the capacity to bend completely. It is also perfect for cold and hot water residential as well as industrial systems. If you are a little tight on budget then brass cable glands are the best option for you. They are better than stainless steel in multiple aspects. It will give you the superior fitting to get the task done without burning a hole in your pocket.


Brass cable glands have a longer life period than other cable glands. It is extremely durable and it has countless working properties as well. Brass cable glands remain in great condition for years without creating any issue. It can be used in both industrial as well as residential telecommunication mainly because of how convenient and strong it is. If you have a telecommunication project, brass cable glands are an excellent option as it has a long shelf life.


Brass cable glands can be used in multiple places. It makes a wonderful option for your sealing project. Brass is the most in-demand material in today’s world. It also improves the efficiency of connection lines in your house. Brass cable glands offer you years of reliable, dependable services without creating many issues such as corrosion or heat.
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